Rockets Youth Wrestling Club is looking for support. We are a non-profit wrestling program that is dedicated to coaching kids ages 4-14. We are a part of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation, and are registered through USA Wrestling.

Wrestling is recognized as the oldest known sport. It helps teach kids discipline, and self-control. It is one of the most physically demanding sports. It helps build a strong muscle foundation for any other sport.

At Rockets Youth Wrestling Club we volunteer to coach the kids while working full time jobs. That is why we are asking great companies, like yours, to help us cover some of the expenses. We have to pay for mat tape, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, kid’s warm-ups, wrestling singlets, insurance, charter fees, tournaments, etc.

Our Sponsorship Program is where our biggest expense comes from. We never turn a child away when a family can’t afford the club fees. We always pay for them so they can wrestle, and be part of the club. Our coaching staff has a great love for the sport, and we credit much of who we are today to the experiences we had while wrestling. We will not let money deprive a child from having that same opportunity. It costs the club roughly $500 to sponsor a child through the whole season. We would love for you to help the club or sponsor a child. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.